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Puzzlets - Digital Dream Labs

Puzzlets Tray & Tiles Bundle Sets

Many of us grew up with a game console, a controller, and a few game cartridges. Not much has changed! The Play Tray is our game console, Puzzlets is our controller, and downloadable games are the game cartridges.

Our Console: Play Tray

The Play Tray acts like a giant antenna, pulling the commands from Puzzlets into the gameplay. It is the console needed for every game that you only need to buy once!

Our Controller: Puzzlets

Puzzlets are the controller used to navigate our games. In Cork the Volcano, you think like a programmer by using programming Puzzlets to move game characters to their goal! We asked one of our 7-year-old play testers to give Puzzlets a clear definition. Here’s what they had to say:


“Puzzlets lets you program your characters’ moves in advance.
It’s fun- it makes you think, but it’s fun!”

– Alex, Pittsburgh PA


Our Game Cartridges: Downloadable Games

Pair your Puzzlets with the free apps on the Apple iOS and Google Play stores for your tablet/phone.

Looking for additional tiles sets for your Puzzlets Play tray?

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