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Known battery issues RESOLVED

OVERDRIVE requires a Starter Kit and a compatible mobile device. Set up is easy, simply open the Starter Kit and build your battle track. The Overdrive app automatically handles everything else, from getting you connected, to teaching you gameplay, so you can start playing immediately. It's effortless by design.

What's Included in A Starter Kit 📦

  • 2 Robotic Supercars
  • 2 riser pieces
  • 6 curved track pieces
  • 1 four-car charging system
  • 4 straight track pieces
  • 1 tire cleaner

System Requirements 🛠️

  • A Starter Kit is required to play.
  • Each player must have a compatible iOS or Android Device.
  • Wifi required for battles between iOS and Android devices.

4…3…2…1… YOU’RE OFF

Follow these four steps below to set up and get racing in minutes.

Download Anki OVERDRIVE to your iOS or Android device.

Place cars on the charging platform. It only takes 8-10 minutes for a full charge.

Right out of the box, 10 Anki OVERDRIVE track pieces allow you to build and rebuild up to 8 epic battlefields in seconds.

Get ready to compete by choosing from the various game modes available.


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